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Paul Lobb
31 MAY 2022 10:31:22

Our IT department want to move our PTS installation onto a net scaler system. We set up a test and the web pages browsers are working fine but the PTScomms client will not connect. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a known solution. Can the PTComms ( I am using v5.0.0.11 of this ) Can this handle address redirects
Marc [mod]
31 MAY 2022 13:00:13

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately the comms software will not know follow the redirect, and PTS 4 comms works primarily on the server side and keeps various things in server memory, so switching between servers automatically will not work I'm afraid.

PTS 5 can work as long as you can provide a single endpoint for the comms that is always online.

Last edited on 31/05/2022 13:00:27 by Moderator.
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